Therapy Dog



It all started when...

I wanted to train a therapy dog.  I dreamt of a dog coming to work with me who could use their natural intuition and unconditional love to comfort clients. I thought back and forth, "Do I want a boxer or a lab?" (my two favorite breeds!) Then I remembered that my brother was going away to graduate school and my mom was going to be taking care of his rescue pup who happened to be a boxer/lab mix (best of both worlds!). So, I asked my mom and brother if I could have the dog instead. They said yes, and a few months later, Leena moved from Kansas to California and started a rigorous training program. Three months after that, she was a certified American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen and seeing clients part time. You can think of the dog like a really cute sidekick. She feeds off of the energy of the client and offers comfort and cuteness as needed. If you think that Leena will benefit you (or your child), let's chat!

** For a great read on Therapy Animals (there are monkeys, pigs, you name it!!), check out this article from TIME Magazine. 

Leena recharging between clients :) 

Leena recharging between clients :)