Frequently asked questions

Why are you a good fit for my child/teen?

First of all, because I love teenagers. Secondly, I work hard, I care, I come up with thorough treatment plans, and I work my best to build a meaningful relationship with your child/teen. Scott Miller says that 85% of all therapy is in the relationship alone. That's a big portion, and that is what I spend my time focusing on. The rest is spent giving practical tools, and working through exercises or processing the things they need to talk about. I've worked with teenagers for almost 10 years in multiple capacities and I get them. They are my people!  

does my teen "NEED" Therapy?

I like to say that 100% of people need therapy at one time or another, or at the very least, could benefit from it. If you are saying to yourself (or other people) any of these comments below, therapy may be for your teen:

My teen used to be so (fill in the blank)... what happened?
My teen seems sad, anxious, irritated, stressed... whats going on?
My teen puts so much pressure on herself. I just wish she could know it'll all be okay. 
My teen lacks direction. I just hope they can figure it out before college!
My teen struggles in relationships with friends, significant other, parents, etc. 

If you are the teen asking any of these questions, therapy may be for you...
Who am I? 
What am I good at?
Why do I feel this way?
Am I okay?
Why does everything irritate me?
I just need some general direction...
I get good grades, but everything stresses me out!

what is your best advice for parents of teenagers?

I will offer you a nod of sympathy, and validation that you are doing a good job. There may be things you could be doing differently, but join the club! You are not alone. Your teen isn't the only one doing "xyz." You are not the only parent struggling. If you need a good pep talk, let me know :) 

can you fix my teen?

I wish. I have no magic wand. I do believe that anyone who wants to change and is willing to do the work, will get better. If needed, I can work with other mental health professionals and physicians to meet the mental health needs of the client. 

how many sessions will my teen need?

I like to say at least 8. Sometimes it's less (for a small issue), but typically it's much longer (I would say with an average time between 6-8 months). The reason why it takes so much time is because the main part of therapy is relationship building. This cannot be done quickly, especially with teenagers. Furthermore, reaching goals, feeling better, and becoming who you were meant to be isn't fast. But I do think it's worth the investment. 

Do you see people other than teens?

Occasionally, I will see parents of teenagers, siblings of teens (ages 5-12), and young adults (college age) based on need and if they are referred directly to me.

How long is a session?

A typical session is 50 minutes. Double sessions are 100 minutes. EMDR sessions can be 50 minutes also, but I recommend at least a double session for those. 


I accept cash, check, or credit card. 

If you have a question I didn't answer, please feel free to contact me directly