What to Expect






If you are interested in therapy, even if you're not fully committed, give me a call. During the phone consultation, I get to know more about your situation, answer any questions you may have and we decide together if I'm a good fit. If you would like to proceed at that time, then we wiill discuss fees, paperwork, and set up an appointment for the first session.  




During this session (after the initial phone consultation), you'll bring in signed paperwork. We will meet each other, go over the paperwork and then the teen will be asked if they would like the parent in the room or out (most say in). Then, we will discuss goals. Typically the parents and teen have different goals. That's okay, we'll talk about that too. At the end of the session, I'll give you a summary of what I think the main problems are and how to fix them. 



Second session -

End of Treatment

What is absolutely critical with teenagers is taking some time to build trust. During that time, I will get to know your teen. This may be gathering family history, or playing games--depending on the comfort level of the client. Then, I like to blend experiential and creative tasks to help the client raise self awareness and discover what they are doing that isn't working. Once that happens, we brainstorm options for what to do instead. Last, I help them become who they'd rather be and then review how far they've come. This is a general overview. Every client is different, but in my experience there is a trust period, a work period, and a closing period. Sometimes it's an 8 week process, sometimes it's 8 months. It really just depends on the needs of the client and their level of willingness and openness. Once goals are met, client can set new goals, decrease number of sessions, or take a break from therapy all together. We will decide together what the best way to "end" therapy is. Regardless, I have an open door policy where any client can return at any time.